Haircut 22314 | Supreme Barbershop | Hair salon 22314 | Old Town


Haircut 22314 | Hair salon 22314 | Alexandria VA

Haircut 22314 | Supreme Barbershop | Hair salon 22314 | Alexandria VA

The actors, models, and entertainers...always show themselves in public with immaculate hair, not only because they have a personal hairstylist to make for them a perfect hairstyle and highlight their beauty, but also because they know how to take care of their hair from deep inside.

That’s why their hair is not only silky but also shiny.

And you know what? if you believe only luxury products can help you to own hair like a superstar, then you're definitely behind the times!

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Choosing shampoo is really important, it should be something that gentle. If you have natural hair then you don’t need to worry about keeping color or waves on your hair, you just need a sulfate-free shampoo. Other hands, if your hair is altered by chemicals to straighten, color, or curl then you need more than that to make your hair ideal.

Someone may ask “Why sulfate-free?” “What will happen if I use a sulfate shampoo?” Okay, let me show you. Everybody know that sulfate can work really well in cleaning your scalp, removing dirt from your hair, but this strong effect can harm your hair also, sulfate causes the loss of essential oils on your hair so that your scalp will produce more oils than usual and you have to wash your hair every day if don’t want dandruff to fall down every time smoothing your hair.

And sulfate can strip colors too so don’t ever use it if you want your hair to stay with the perfect color that you paid a lot to own.